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5 Ways to Add Value Using Analytics in HR - Spark Hire

5 Ways to Add Value Using Analytics in HR - Spark HireThere are multiple ways to look at Human Resources. Some think that we merely manage the workforce, from recruitment to exit interviews. Others think HR exists to reduce personnel costs as much as possible, working primarily for the business rather than the employees. In reality, the real purpose of HR is to create value. Not just for the business, but for employees and for society at large. Creating meaningful value can be difficult when you rely on just your gut feeling. Using People Analytics can help you tremendously in this endeavor. In this article, I will show you 5 ways on how you can add value using Analytics in HR.Recruitment Selecting new hires through gamificationEnhancing your recruitment function is an incredibly useful way to add immediate value to the company. Being able to hire quickly and bring in the talent required to grow the company is of paramount importance to the business.For example, Nissan and PlayStatio n worked together to create the GT Academy, an alternative route into mainstream motorsport. The GT Academy provides Gran Turismo players the chance to compete against each other on the virtual tarmac. The players who proved to be the most successful were then asked to go from virtual to reality. This started a real-life professional racing career with Nissan for some of these talented individuals. Creating new channels, such as how Nissan gamified parts of their recruitment channels, are a great way to bring new, talented employees to your company.Engagement Measuring employee engagement without breaking the bankEmployee engagement is often seen as the most important metric for people management, for several reasons. Tim Young, VP of Workday, writes Employee engagement is paramount to attracting and retaining talent and remaining competitive in the global market. Research shows a direct link between employee engagement and corporate wertzuwachs.Measuring employee engagement can be difficult and costly, however. Measuring engagement yourself has a large risk. It can take a lot of time and you may design questions that dont actually measure what you want to measure. Hiring external providers can help with this, but they are usually costly. A way of measuring employee engagement without breaking the bank is to use pulse surveys. Pulse surveys are fast and frequent surveys designed to be done every week or every few weeks. They give continuous insights into the health of a company, hence the name pulse. Using validated and short surveys that have as little as three questions can measure engagement reliably. Using these surveys allow you to gain valuable insights into the workforce without breaking the bank.Learning Development Learning on-the-goLearning Development is an important part of the long-term strategy of any organization. With the rise of ansprechbar learning, learning and development is becoming increasingly personalized. Through the use of HR Analy tics, employers can see which skills their employees are lacking according to the needs of the business. Utilizing this data and combining this with adaptive learning technology, employees are able to receive personalized recommendations on courses, activities, and tests that suit their preference.Expensive training courses that pull employees out of their jobs for days or even weeks are slowly phasing out. Individual, self-paced online learning is more cost-effective and increases learning retention. Employees can now choose when, and for how long, they wish to study. Dow Chemical switched to eLearning for their regulatory compliance training of its 60,000 employees and contractors. Doing this, they cut the average spending costs per student from $95 to just $11. In total, this saved them $34m annually.Utilizing the latest developments in learning development, similar to Dow Chemical, can help your organization reach their long-term goals in a cost-effective manner. Analytics also offers the possibility to measure the impact of different training methods. If the cheaper training yields the same result, its a good choicePerformance Driving employee performance like GoogleDriving performance has, and always will be, a key issue for the business. Many organizations have realized that conventional performance reviews are outdated. They dont capture the full spectrum of an employees performance. Laszlo Block, former senior vice president of people operations at Google, wrote a book about his experiences at Google and how they drove performance.Google uses peer reviewers for their performance reviews, which they hold multiple times per year. They abolished numerical ratings, so each Googler is now subjected to a five-point scale ranging from needs improvement to superb. Managers then decide on the final evaluation of an employee, assisting them in their development and long-term goals. Google also continuously looks at the performance drivers of their employees. O ver many years, Google measured employees traits and performance indicators. They then analyzed these characteristics and performed correlation and regression analyses on them. Certain characteristics, such as creativity, have been shown to drive performance. Understanding these characteristics helped Google to develop their employees and recruit the correct talent to drive performance.HR Analytics can thus assist managers to track employee performance and spot develop star performers accurately.Strategic Workforce Planning Staying ahead of the trendThe need for proactive workforce planning is indispensable. HR acting ad-hoc to company- and industry-wide challenges negatively impacts the bottom line of the company. By combining financial forecasts with headcount management and talent acquisitions, you can leverage HR data to improve workforce planning.Pacific Gas Electric Co, a California energy utility, is a great example of effective strategic workforce planning. They first desi gned the workforce planning process using the Human Capital Institutes strategic workforce planning as a model. Then, they developed software around it that allowed business leaders to walk through a workforce forecasting process. This included segmenting their workforce based on how critical they are. It also included questions to help business leaders estimate workforce demand over the next five years.For instance, it showed that certain critical software developers would be in high demand over the next few years, whereas a large portion of the current software developers would either retire or leave the company in the near future. Combining this data allowed the company to perform analytics, creating a database that showed how HR was prepared to tackle future trends.After collecting this data, the HR kollektiv at Pacific Gas Electric Co. developed a strategic workforce plan in collaboration with the business leaders. This helped them minimize their financial losses and stay ahea d of future trends.Utilizing Analytics in HRAdding value to the business from an HR point of view can be difficult, but the use of HR Analytics can make this endeavor much more accessible. Relying on a gut instinct may have worked in the past, but todays world is much more data-driven. Understanding and utilizing HR Analytics is therefore key to drive HR, and the business, forward. The examples shown in this article only highlight a small portion of the vast amount of analytics that can be performed. All the activities that are traditionally seen as HR best practices can be improved using data There are many more types of HR Analytics that you can perform within the business. Its an exciting time to be in HR and I wish you the best of luck in your HR Analytics journeyAbout the AuthorBastiaan Stokkel is the studienplan Manager and Admissions Advisor for HR Analytics Academy. He has extensive experience in learning development and is a data-savvy HR Expert who regularly writes about HR Analytics.

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How a Rock-Solid Resume Strengthens Your Job Search

How a Rock-Solid Resume Strengthens Your Job SearchHow a Rock-Solid Resume Strengthens Your Job SearchIn todays job search, a resume is foundational to the entire portfolio. Without a well-forged foundation, your entire communications strategy could crack and sink.The reason behind so many job-search flops and missteps is lack of a messaging infrastructure. So how do you set about constructing this easily navigable transportation network for your career influence conversation?Step 1 Research target companies and jobs. Clarify the target industry sector(s) and company (ies) you seek to attract. Research voraciously to focus on job descriptions that have the look and feel of what you want to appeal to (and for which youre qualified).Step 2 Clarity is essential. Before you begin writing your resume, make sure you have attended fully to Step 1. Without clarity, youre wasting valuable job-search time. If you are an I can be all things to all people sort of job seeker, you will lose. If yo u think, I can do this or that, even though I have no real experience doing it, STOP. Be practical and pragmatic in picking target jobs and ferreting out your value proposition areas (i.e., the what makes me better than my competing candidates in doing what I do?).Step. 3 Get intimate with your own value. Concisely articulate your three to five unique areas of value that, when communicated to the reader (e.g., the hiring decision maker,) will excite them because they now see YOU as the problem healer of their business pain.Step. 4 Prioritize your portfolio items. departure with your professional resume as the first-priority item. With the resume as your foundation, the rest of the portfolio will be firmly grounded. The deep career introspection, or the career brain dump, that you must employ to build a successful resume will equip your remaining portfolio documents.Step 5 Flesh out your CAR stories. Make sure you drum up meaty Challenge-Action-Result (CAR) stories and punctuate them with the so-what, as well as the leadership and other professional strengths that were leveraged when surmounting those hurdles. Here is an examplea. Challenge Complete development of coal fired plant in 9 months to prevent project cancellation.b. Action Completed acquisition and managed project company. Used expertise in fossil power to run multiple project activities concurrently. Forged excellent relationships with regulatory entities. Obtained board approvals.c. Result Managed company and teams to complete development of $400M coal-fired project in 9 months.d. Strength/Translation Vision, leadership, team building, delegation, perseverance.e. Relevance True leadership in a tough situation that saved company from losses and built wealth.Step 6 Write a cover letter foundation. Yes, each cover letter must be tailored to each opportunity, but give yourself a break. Write a foundational letter with excess language from which you can trim and tweak when applying to yet another positi on. Dont wear yourself out with a blank-slate endeavor each and every time you must compose a new letter.Step 7 Refresh your LinkedIn account. After youve written your resume, its time to revamp your LinkedIn profile. Think of it as a message that extends your value proposition, one that pulls bits and pieces from your resume into the Experience section. As well, build a distinct Summary section written in a mora conversational tone than your resume but which derives its focus and distinguishing threads from the resume and resume process. Add sections and beef up your LinkedIn profile to give it greater impact and boost search results.Step 8. Decide if a personal website is for you. If youre technology savvy or are able to invest in a career technologists services- someone trained to present you professionally at, then get started. Use the website to pull together your professional presence. Again, use your resume story to guide the focus of your website. Creat e a web repository that is easily navigable for hiring authority visitors. Your downloadable resume should be quick and easy to spot. A page devoted to career highlights, succinctly written and powerfully stated, should be speedily discoverable, too. Further, if you are in a creative field, such as graphic arts or other media-focused endeavors, you can provide seamless access to your visual achievements.Step. 9 Explore other social media venues. Design a complementary, pithy biography/profile for each social media site. Most venues have specific formats in which you enter biography details. A sample of sites and biographies follow. If you read all of them, you will see a common thread while also noting that no one profile is EXACTLY like http// https// http// http// http// 8368397.htmStep 10 Finesse with flair. While consistency is important, adding a little flair and uniqueness with each profile is okay. You can use a different picture or varied phrasing on Twitter versus Facebook or LinkedIn, for example. While some may argue this tip, the rule of thumb is to develop overall brand consistency that showcases individual, targeted strengths while not being agonizingly repetitive in every presentation.Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter is a Glassdoor career and workplace expert, chief career writer and partner with CareerTrend, and is one of only 28 Master Resume Writers (MRW) globally. Jacqui and her husband, Sailor Rob, host a lively careers-focused blog at http// Jacqui is a power Twitter user (ValueIntoWords), listed on several Best People to Follow lists for job seekers.

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How to manage distraction and become indistractable

How to manage distraction and become indistractableHow to manage distraction and become indistractableIn this talk, I describe a new model for managing distraction - how to become Indistractable.Ill write more on this topic in the coming months and Im finishing a book by the same title. Id love to hear your feedback.Also, please share this video with people who may benefit from watching it. ThanksThis post originally appeared on Nir Far.

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These are the simple reasons youre not getting hired

These are the simple reasons youre not getting hiredThese are the simple reasons youre not getting hiredJob searches can be frustrating. We know because weve conducted them ourselves many times before. And one question thateveryjob seeker has asked themselves at one point is, Why am I not getting hired?Its terribly unnerving when you dont know why employers are passing you over for jobs, and they arent exactly forthcoming with their reasons until now.Lets take a look at some common reasons youre not getting hired1. Common reasons people dont get hiredNot differentiating themselves from other candidates or showcasing their specific strengths for the particular position.Not showing interest or enthusiasm for the role.Not preparing for the bewerbungsgesprch its obvious to employers.Not demonstrating that theyve researched the employer before an interview.Not asking questions during the interview, or asking questions that are way too easy or obviously answered by research. Employers wa nt more specific questions that show youre thinking deeply about the role.2. Common mistakes that stop people from even getting an interviewPeter Shankman, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and uber-networker, is telling job seekers exactly why theyre not getting hired.The reasons are shocking in their simplicity 50% of the folks that Shankman didnt hire for a recent opening at his company were cut from the running because they made genuinely dumb mistakes.Do yourself a big favor as a job seeker and read on to find out the four mistakes that kept these people from getting hired.Out of 481 resumes received for an Assistant Editor position 33 didnt follow instructions33 resumes were immediately disqualified for not being able to follow the simple instruction of where to send it.184 didnt include a titelbild letter184 resumes simply had a resume attached with absolutely no cover letter, no subject line, no information insofar as the position you were applying for, and no reason for us to even bother opening the resume.52 didnt proofread52 resumes either had one or more spelling or grammar errors or were addressed to the wrong person, or were applying for jobs at different companies entirely.28 didnt have a professional schmelzglas address28 resumes were eliminated due to their email addresses. Now while you think this is harsh, hear me out. Ive never met you before. Do you really want the first thing I know about you to be that your email address is lets do the math. from 481 resumes received, 297 of them were immediately rejected because of silly mistakes that could have very easily been avoided. Thats 62%If youre aresponsible job seekerwho takes the time to not make mistakes, this should make you feel more confident. If not, read on for the key lessons and actions job seekers need to take to avoid not getting hired.Job seekers, take these actions when applying to the next job listingFollow instructionsand send your resume (and a cover le tter) to the correct place (whether that is an email address, online application system, or both).Alwayswrite a cover letter(in the body of your email is fine), no matter how short, which describes what youre applying to and why youre qualified.Check, re-check, and triple-check your cover letter and resumeto ensure that youve eliminated grammatical and spelling errors. Also, check to make sure you are addressing your materials to the correct person at the correct company.Sign up for a professional email address TODAY.Email addresses are free, so this should be the easiest step in your job search. Yahoo and Gmail offer free email addresses. Your name is a perfect choice no one can accuse of being unprofessional.Prepare and research before an interview.Employers want to see that you have more than a cursory knowledge of their organization and that youve done some deeper thinking about the role itself.Brie Weiler Reynolds is the Senior Career Specialist atFlexJobs, t he award-winning site fortelecommuting, flexible schedule, and freelance job listings.Find Brie on Twitter,briewreynolds.This deutsche bundespost was originally published on

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20 Career-Boosting Steps to Take by New Years Eve- The Muse

20 Career-Boosting Steps to Take by New Years Eve- The Muse20 Career-Boosting Steps to Take by New Years Eve- The MuseIts finally December, and youve worked hard all year long. You wrote enough emails to fill a novel. You spent an average of seven hours a day on your computer. And, if you were working full-time, you probably spent 42 hours of your life battling traffic during your daily commute. Whoa. If anyone deserves a chance to kick back and relax, its youBut as tempting as it may be to spend the rest of December curled up with a big mug of cocoa, a snuggly blanket, and a never-ending Netflix queue, you probably want to avoid hibernating all month long.Regardless of whether your job status is employed or unemployed, you shouldnt underestimate the importance of getting a jump-start on your career in the year ahead in the final days of the month. Use the next few weeks wisely so that you can finish 2017 feeling clear, focused, and organized when the year comes to an inevitable clos e. (If youre job hunting, this is an especially good time to get your ducks in a row because January is one of the best times to apply for a new job.) Here are 20 career-boosting action steps to complete before the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve. 1. Write Down Your WinsMake a list of your top 10 professional accomplishments from the past year. You can incorporate ansicht wins into your resume the next time you spruce it up- employers love seeing descriptions of accomplishments as opposed to duties. 2. Congratulate Someone on Their Career SuccessBy celebrating others wins, youll reinforce the belief that youre a positive, encouraging person- two qualities that are on every employers wish list 3. Redesign Your Professional MaterialsOrder beautiful new business cards. And then, when thats set, think about revamping your personal website. 4. Clean Out Your InboxDont just delete old emails and archive others. Take the next step and unsubscribe from mailing lists that waste your time. 5. Send a Thank You NoteThink of a colleague, manager, or mentor who helped or inspired you this past year, and let that person know youre grateful for his or her assistance or inspiration. Sure, you could use email. But it would be better to use pen and paper. A handwritten note is a simple, classy way to make people feel special- and strengthen your professional network. 6. Read Up on How to Get Your Resume Close to Perfectionmora specifically, read these 43 tips. They will only get you closer to getting that job you want. So, tweak your resume accordingly, or dont be afraid to start over from scratch instead of building on one youve had for years. 7. Make That Revamped Resume StylishFind a beautiful new template among one of these 275 free templates and go forward with confidence as you send it out. (After tailoring it for each job, of course.) 8. Contact an Expert if Youre LostIf youre feeling stuck or dont know where to begin, it might be worth it to pay an expert or hi re a coach to get you past your obstacle.9. Learn How to Answer the Most Common Interview QuestionsYour resumes only doing the first part of the talking. The interview step is hugely important and not one that you can risk blowing. Prepare in advance by running through these common questions and youll likely ace it. 10. Update Your Professional WardrobeMake koranvers to purchase items that are both professional and industry-appropriate. 11. Invest in a Standing DeskYou wont believe the health benefits, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Its well worth speaking to your office manager about getting one for the office. 12. Reorganize Your WorkspaceRemove clutter. Add beauty. Make a vision board or write a career manifesto and hang it above your desk. 13. Get on a Healthier Sleep ScheduleIts no news that many Americans are sleep deprived, and being chronically tired is just as bad as going into work tipsy. The more rest you give yourself, the sharper and more productive you will be. 14. Google YourselfDistasteful social media content? Snarky blog comments? That YouTube video that you uploaded during Mardi Gras circa 2009 still around? Put yourself in a recruiters shoes, and make sure your online footprint makes a good first impression. 15. Take Your LinkedIn Presence to the Next LevelStart by adding a personal note when you send out invitations to join your network. Youd be surprised by how few people do this, so itll really make you stand out and get noticed. 16. Reach Out to Six People Youd Like to Connect WithStart lining up coffee dates for the first few weeks of January. (And before you go on any of them, make sure you know how to have the best coffee date ever.) 17. Choose a Skill You Want to Improve in 2018It could be public speaking, time management, or creative writing. Sign up for a class, seminar, weekly writing group, whatever makes sense for you and whatever might get you motivated. Then decide how youre going to develop that skill. B lock out the time on your calendar now. 18. Read a Few Career-Boosting ClassicsI recommend Stephen Coveys Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Dale Carnegies How to Win Friends and Influence People. More of a listener? Subscribe to a smart podcast or two. Mmm. Brain food youll actually start to crave. 19. Fill Your Inspiration Tank to the BrimRead these 45 beautiful pieces of career advice. Or these 50 inspirational quotes thatll make you feel ready to take on the world. Or, at least your personal goals. 20. Write Out Your One-Year PlanWhether youre looking to make a move or are currently satisfied at your job, figure out what you plan to do to take your career to the next level. Maybe its telling your network youre looking to make a move. Or, perhaps its getting a promotion (and a raise). Whatever it is, figure out how youre going to make it happen. And if you do only one thing? Make an effort to re-connect with people you admire. Strengthen the relationships in your profe ssional network. You never know how one follow-up email, thank-you note, or holiday card might impact your career.

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Learn About Landing a Non-Flying Career

Learn About Landing a Non-Flying CareerLearn About Landing a Non-Flying CareerEver wondered what else your pilot certificate is good for? Or perhaps youre burned out on flying and wonder if theres anything else you might be able to do in the aviation industry that doesnt involve flying. One of the things that becomes a challenge for people who choose a pilot career is the narrowly focused and highly technical skills that come with it. Flying requires a huge investmentand theres often no large reward. Its a career that, in the early days at least, requires a significant financial sacrifice, and it comes with the stress of knowing that with just one small health problem, your flying career could come to a screeching halt. If you cant continue to fly for one reason or another (if you develop one of unterstellung disqualifying medical conditions, for example), or if you just decide that you dont like airline flying, you might be stuck. Many pilots have left the airlines and are successfu llyemployed in other industries, but the limited scope of the pilot career means that if you arent flying, you may have a tough time finding another job. The risk of unemployment, furlough or health problems is the same for any highly technical employee, really, but for pilots specifically, there are not many non-flying alternatives to consider should an airline job not pan out. But all is not lost. Here are a few non-flying careers where you could utilize your skills as a pilot, quite possibly without ever getting into an airplane. NTSB Accident Investigator Accident investigation fascinates most of us. But only a very small percentage of people in the aviation industry will work as an accident investigator, probably because aircraft accident investigators often have skills in at least two areas a pilot who is also an engineer, for example, or maybe a pilot with a degree in human factors. Having experience in two different fields of study will help you get a job as an air safet y in investigator for the NTSB, the FAA or an airline safety department. Airport Manager Being an airport manager is mostly about management, but you have to know a thing or two about airplanes, too, and most airline management positions require some experience in an aviation-related field along with a degree in management. A degree in aviation management along with pilot certificates will pretty much seal the deal if youre looking for a job as an airport manager. Commercial Drone Operator The hottest job for pilots today might be unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators, and because its a requirement for drone operators to have a remote pilot certificate or a current non-student pilot certificate, UAS operators who currently hold pilot certificates are in high demand. New companies producing and utilizing drones are looking for employees with commercial pilot certificates to operate their drones, either privately or in the commercial UAS sector. By having a private or comm ercial pilot certificate already, aviators who want to take advantage of these high-paying jobs will need only to take an FAA-provided UAS training course online. FAA Aviation Safety Inspector The Federal Aviation Administration in the U.S. employs safety inspectors who work in the field inspecting airports and operators for compliance and safety. While many of these hours are spent at a desk, many are also spent out in the field, at airports, and in airplanes. These inspectors give check rides and proficiency checks in a variety of aircraft, they inspect airways, airports and the airmen that use them. The FAA has competitive requirements for aviation safety inspectors, and theyre looking for experienced pilots to perform the duties of air safety inspector. Flight Dispatcher Flight dispatchers are responsible for planning flights, calculating weight and balance, determining weather, and calculating fuel for flights conducted both inside of the U.S. and internationally. As yo u might imagine, having the knowledge of a private or commercial pilot can come in handy for flight dispatchers. Although its not a requirement to be hired for the job (an FAA dispatcher certificate is required), the pilot certificate and real-world flying experience will almost ensure that youll be a more competitive candidate for a job as a flight dispatcher than other applicants. Aviation Professor If youre an experienced pilot with a lot of hours or years under your belt, and youre burned out on flying, have been unable to obtain a medical certificate or have been forced to retire, you are a perfect candidate for becoming an aviation professor. Teaching can be a rewarding career, and these days you can even do most of it online if youre looking for a work-from-home job to supplement your income. Everyone from your local universities and community colleges to the large flight schools like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University or the University of North Dakota are hiring profe ssors or assistant professors. And its a flexible job- you can usually have some control over your schedule, work part time or full time and often get benefits, too. A degree is usually required, but its really the experience in aviation that colleges are looking for when it comes to teaching aviation-related courses.

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Definitions of Blank Resume Pdf

Definitions of Blank Resume Pdf Your experience should deal with each critical certification in the work announcement. The further skills can be in accord with the job or completely different. A fundamental job resume is fantastic for candidates that are fresh out of college and are probably on the lookout for an expert start. Taking the opportunity to concentrate on your resume is crucial. Whats also cool about our hand-picked selection is the simple fact that lots of packages include bonuses like cover letters or company cards. Youre ready to talk about your online flipbooks to your website or social route or you might embed on the internet flipbooks to your schmelzglas personal too. Your resume shouldnt be categorized in that list. Theres no denying, Apps are big business. Our company is about designing and progress. To start with, you might sell products or solutions. Based at work, new employees are generally not immediately productive since they require on the work tr aining which slows down the other folks who have to train you, thus the organization is not quite as productive during your initial 1-3 months. If you are trying to make online flipbooks for a provider then Yudu is a superior selection. Payment Forms arent absolutely unique. Theres no precise length for a resume, and theres no standard to it. Using colored text is a great method to emphasize several sections of the resume. Bullet points ought to be utilised to highlight each skill. Youd need to do the formatting work yourself. Once its possible to see pdf format as flipbook, you can begin to personalize your web flipbooks. After you have selected the template that you would like to use, customizing it for yourself isnt difficult. Templates may be used for making CV, resume so as to apply for jobs. If work experience isnt your key highlight or whether youve got an inconsistent work history, its best advisable to start your resume with your qualifications. A focus is merely a wise ways to lower hazard. Psychotherapy direction is actually a vital part of the schedule. The most significant thing is to adhere to the employers instructions. Then it may be time to bring some style to your resume When youd like to get an extremely good resume help, its possible to simply follow our lead. Choosing which style is going to be decided by the kind of the work and your past working experience. Overview of a persons qualification is also wise to put your very best foot forward right at the start of the resume. As you acquire substantial experience and begin searching for higher level jobs, you may have to change to another kind of resume like a combination document, which features elements of both chronological and functional styles. What you place on the top is what you would like to get seen first. A perfect pick for candidates with plenty of experience who desire to have a really good one-page resume template. When youre fresh out of school and searching f or your very first job, the procedure can be overwhelming. Whats more, you ought to have understanding of testing approach. On the most suitable time of installing JDownloader tool, youll need to ensure youve downloaded it in a secure method. A fill-in template may be a terrific tool to provide you with a head start with formatting the document.